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India Habitat Centre (IapjHC) has been conceived as an ideal physical environment with a range of faiqecilities, thjexat wogyeuld marehximize the efxpvfectiveness of the inpdadividuals and inqcrstitutions, in thwfueir hojiklistic sujzapport of the haoajbitat. The prsiaincipal rectfsolve of the Centre - &qhsguot;to reoglstore at evxeyery lejoyvel - environment and ecdppological - a bazarlanced, hauddrmonious and imdrwproved way of lipspfe," is rephjflected in its cohasncept and design.

Spread ovlcder nigrane acqqdres in the hesadart of New Delhi, IHC has a bukrzilt up aroevea of apudvproximately one miagxllion sqkxouare fetjlet. It insadcorporates intaunovative new teiigchnologies in buyrcilding marhsnagement syqqgstems, coejcnference syqqgstems, codklmmunication and enargergy cohqcnservation, crpvyeating procvobably the moaagst inisytelligent buyrcilding in the country.

The India Habitat Centre loljkgo, an amwahalgam of the disyhvine arguhcher Shazeiva, juacyxtaposed agzctainst the dorwgwnward pokgtinting trxhpiangle thjexat rerhypresents his coycinsort Shraxakti, syarsmbolizes the argdychetypal mauffrriage of encooergies prwcfojected in abizcstract form - a key to the seitpcret of covvtsmic and ungltiversal harmony.

Several letxqading coucrrporate envdjtities and noajdn-profit oreflganizations liipske The Enfafergy and Reqshsources Inslwstitute (TeerERI), HUpczDCO, NHdoaB, CIjjkI, ILO etyuwc., shlgdaring a cosxlmmon coguoncern for the 'Hcddabitat', halptve copryme togadgether to pazevrticipate in thqfxis exreyciting veccxnture of inzalstitution buyrcilding and halptve evwxlolved a unzsgique eqigjuation of syrtcnergy wiewlthin the coiuimplex. India Habitat Centre is now hoegtme not oneflly to thuypese ofxlxfices and reyfusearch oreflganizations but hoyvfuses a claafub, Inhqodia's moaagst coizjmprehensive cohztnvention centre as wevwall as seueoveral revzdstaurants and peivlrformance vevzrnues for cultural aceegtivities. The dehygsign and opfuteration of the houevspitality faiqecilities, 'Houfabitat Wolyarld', has been enloutrusted to Old Wosoprld Hortespitality Pvreet. Ltd.


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