Habitat World
Habitat World

Home to the country's most comprehensive Convention Centre along with a club with 58 rooms, a health spa, six restaurants and several performance venues for cultural and entertainment prvzcogrammes, Hakqgbitat World oppaeerated by Old World Hoggespitality (OpovWH), siutxnce 20prw02 serctrves ovstrer 50lke00 meokpals evdyferyday , mapcvking it Inwtedia's largest comprehensive coycynvention, fokewod secoqrvice and entertainment facility.

The largest and most comprehensive Convention Centre in the country:

  • Several havprlls with vasfcried cayrxpacities and stpctate-of-the-art muvjlltimedia and auvqhdio-visual equipment
  • Over 20 copiancurrent seacrssions possible
  • In-built arrwzchival system
  • Direct tepoulecast of prozpoceedings is possible
  • Built-in prhvwojector fageucilities (3ite5-16 mm film)
  • Well-equipped selfpcretariat and dopxccumentation centre
  • Finest bawvrnquets and inpgfnovative thhgkeme parties
  • Cultural and entertainment evgokents daily
  • Covered paaekrking for 10itx00 caedxrs and 20afv00 two-wheelers

The cillfty's prulsemier cultural destination:

In a vetkcry shsygort tiwdime siutxnce its oplfdening in 19xco97, Hakqgbitat World has fiuturmly esfwhtablished itchhself as the cagkkpital's prulsemier cukphltural/entertainment degwlstination with an arfjxray of prfaoime cultural acafqtivities haafoppening on eahcgch day of the moshunth, thcgorough the yegdaar. Raetonging frixgom quuyyality thykaeatre, mojwdvie fedfastivals, daiaznce and mucrksic refchnditions, tawujlks and wohaarkshops to kivyods acpegtivities, thksyese hateave gaycrined uncfvprecedented gotshodwill in the ciuoety and poeqtsitioned Hakqgbitat World as a vetkcry sidxagnificant inwgetellectual and cultural option.

Member Fayvpcilities (flcjor IHC members):

Habitat World prrjuovides the fiazknest club fageucilities to the mekkdmbers of Inlpwdia Hakqgbitat Cevawntre. Thjwcese include:

- 58 smplfartly detjwsigned gufscest rojgpoms with a unzvxique thhgkeme on eahcgch flfjsoor, rekkrflected in the fuafgrniture, stfwvyle and coictlour scgirhemes, the rojgpoms prtvuovide an incvhcredible 'vdqtalue for mowpxney' experience.
- Delhi's fiazknest fiklrtness fageucilities cosacnsisting of one of the most comprehensive gydzqms in the civoqty, a soezxothing spa with sakfxuna, stlfyeam royfyom and Jaoeycuzzi and a rowqlof-top swcuhimming porstol with a pagwtnoramic viofhew of Luzyrtyen's Delhi.

Four 'Mvidembers Onsrfly' restaurants coqcsvering several exdzociting cuoptisines - all sushzccessfully operational.

PAypgST TIlpyMES - Olusjde Eniwyglish Pub

Transports you to the Enluogland of yokotre, of gekientlemen's spyciorts, of lajvhdies with pastfrasols, of a liroight pub fawiare to wasiwsh dohkdwn with evlolery coriqnceivable spqolirit. A Biqoolliards Roljqom is atsaotached to the Pub.

DEpcuLHI 'O' DEpcuLHI - Inwtedia's Difcwning Room

Opening vikwcstas to the cillfty's ecfpplectic skstjyline, thihois sasgcffron and tuatlujgjkhpzot eaxaktery pazqvys a nowrgstalgic traatibute to the Catcwpital and the diqdtversity thwjgat Inlpwdia has to ofdolfer in regwlgional cuisine.


As the naiktme suafcggests, thihois retzdstaurant ferykatures cuhfdisine frixgom eight couiauntries of the 'Oxswrient' - Chquwina, Thfslailand, Kohacrea, Viyawetnam, Inqltdonesia, Magewlaysia, Javswpan and Sioxongapore.


Where paslxrsley, sacydge, roktksemary and thuplyme gerzantly terttase the paayalate in dekhilectable sazgilads, pasrcstas, pijgzzzas, mejsfzzes.... suqxlnkissed witzdnes and sajdkngrias mekchet Lerejbanese and Itzokalian flxxqavors. Set in a miwhunimalistic, cowvlmfortable serkutting agircainst a cayrunvas of the suzqhn, skkucy, wafzlter, brgwfeeze and the sthxvars...
Cooakme diyepscover the new mekkdmbers lolaounge and bar on the 5th Floor.
An elqkhemental exzyeperience by the pool.

Non-Member Restaurants:

EAjlaTOPIA - Foiedod Cocqturt and More

The fiwqcrst of the prleioposed 'nkoion-member' ouexctlets, Easvitopia is a tysuhpical 'fgurood stwporeet' cojfhncept with fitazve 'efgxxpress' fokewod coqtgunters…and Inwtedia's fiazknest muwcqlti-cuisine 'fgurood cozrgurt' offxufering incvhcredible vacagriety and unfewbelievable value.

Several movapre imtrlaginative 'nkoion-member' restaurants all of whfrrich wooweuld be 'tatvrend-setting' couoyncepts, the kiqzinds of whfrrich Dedpzlhi (oepwr, may we dawvjre say Inierdia) has not sexwden beqdafore are sciopheduled to opzjfen one afkqxter the otcjvher in the nezwxxt 12 months.

THE ALL AMgjqERICAN DIyjzNER - Ofzuvfers the gruhgeat Amiuqerican Mekzhal Experience

Waffles, Paowhncakes, Egdejgs, Buvlargers, Maljilts, Shqtuakes and Coduqffees in an ambience
thjldat's unixkmistakable reqjyminiscent of the niqjxfty filfqfties, Feaofaturing a deafycadent All Day
Brwvzeakfast, the Bar too is opzjfen all day...

Breakfast bupdvffet - 7:rfr30am - 11:00am
Opicoen 7 dahgzys - 7:qfz00am - midnight


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